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the Hartley Wayfarer Racer!

$13,850 USD* for the Standard Racer
(all prices subject to minor fluctuations due to exchange rate changes)
The Wayfarer Racer is available at an
exceptionally good price: $13,850 USD*

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The Wayfarer Racer is a high quality, hand-built, high-density foam sandwich GRP dinghy, constructed to ensure its hull and deck retain their stiffness and long-term competitive agility. It comes complete with racing mainsail, genoa and spinnaker, with controls for vang, cunningham, outhaul and rig tension led back to thwart for ease of use. Slot gaskets are fitted to complete the racing package, a superb racing dinghy with plenty of optional extras to give you that competitive edge.

Wayfarer Racer

Vibrant Wayfarer races take place on inland and coastal watersin North America and Europe.

The Wayfarer Racer is world renowned for safety and versatility.

Choose a Wayfarer Racer:
  • Over 50 years of great racing history
  • Racing at every level from club to international championships
  • Latest racing version designed by Phil Morrison
  • Very active and accessible racing circuit
  • Can be raced with two or more crew
  • Easy to right and to sail away after a capsize even upwind
  • Righted with very little water in; self-bailers drain water rapidly
  • Full spectrum of race upgrade options available
  • Flexible, for experienced sailors to novices
  • Optional slab reefing and mast head buoyancy for rough weather or novices
  • Strong GRP construction means she will perform well for many years.

The Wayfarer Racer is a high quality, hand built, G.R.P. constructed racing dinghy. High density foam sandwich construction on both its hull and deck ensure the boat's stiffness together with long term durability.
The Racing Wayfarer comes complete with racing sails, racing spinnaker, vang, cunningham, outhaul and rig tension led back to thwart for ease of use. Fitted slot gasket completes this superb racing Wayfarer package.

Length - 15.8 ft.
Beam - 6.07 ft.
Hull weight - 402 lbs.
Max. Carrying Capacity - 6 People
Main sail Area - 95.05 sq ft.
Jib sail Area - 30.03 sq ft.
Genoa sail Area - 45.96 sq ft.
Spinnaker Area - 145.31 sq ft.
U.S. Portsmouth  rating - 91.6

2 Side Tanks
1 Forward Tank
1 Aft Tank

Race Plus fit-out with contrast colour deck and floor

The Wayfarer Mark IV has been independently tested by the RYA, in accordance with strict safety requirements, it has been awarded CE certification:

        Spinnaker halyard                  Adjustable Toe straps                    
Wood epoxy foils
Every Wayfarer is hand built by our skilled work force. The result is that every Wayfarer is built to high standards and has an excellent finish.
Each Wayfarer is built to your own exact specification. We can provide a wide range of options starting from your choice of hull and spinnaker colours to specific racing upgrades such as: wood epoxy foils, tapered spinnaker sheets, high performance fittings, black spars, twin spinnaker poles, hi-spec control lines and a whole host of other tweaking gadgets.
The secret to building a good race Wayfarer is to find out who intends to use it and then to use our experience to build you a custom built boat to suit your size, strength and weight range.
Our race boats are made from glassfibre and polyester resin GRP. We use uni-directional glass cloth and internal stiffening ribbed structures for extra rigidity and strength. Building in GRP means that accidents, bumps, and damages are easy to repair and most importantly it is hard wearing with the result that your race boat will hold its stiffness and therefore it will be able to perform well for many years.

                      Choice of colours                                                  Simple to complex

Race ready
Our standard Race Wayfarer comes fully fitted out and ready for racing, however we offer a number of alternative options to enable you to upgrade or personalise your boat and it's equipment configuration to suite individual requirements.

               Standard Race boat fittings                                      Race Plus fit-out options

Optional Extras
To ensure that your racing Wayfarer meets all of your needs, we have a wide range of options and extras from which you can choose to customize your boat to your individual requirements. Some of the suggested options are listed below. For an even wider range, please visit the HB  Chandlery or contact Nick who will be very happy to help and advise you as to the most suitable options available.

Sailing Options  (prices in USD as of 15 Feb 2016)
  • Black Spars $83.00
  • Adjustable Mainsheet Bridle $234.00
  • Adjustable Toe Straps with floor track $274.00
  • Dynema & Vectran Rope Fit-Out $136.00
  • Wood Epoxy Race Centre Board $546.00
  • Wood Epoxy Race Rudder $410.00
  • Centre Main Sheet with Ratchet $220.00
  • Spinnaker Ratchet Blocks (pair) $220.00
  • Jib Ratchet Blocks (pair) $220.00
  • Triple Jib Track $136.00
  • Rear Spinnaker Tracks (pair) $105.00
  • Tapered Spinnaker Sheets $96.00
  • Mast Chocks $83.00
  • Padded Toe Straps $96.00
  • Anti-catch jib sheets $55.00
  • Continuous control lines each $110.00
  • Spinnaker bag fitted $248.00
  • Harken fit-out $1372.00
  • Tiller extension upgrade $83.00
Boat Accessories   (prices in USD as of 15 Feb 2016)
  • Two-Coloured Hull $234.00
  • Double Waterline $274.00
  • Boat Logos - Pair (Boat Name) $83.00
  • Large Tidy Bag $41.00
  • Tidy Bag $21.00
  • Coloured non- slip floor $206.00
  • Coloured foredeck $220.00
  • Boat Protection Top Cover Flat Poly-Cotton $358.00
  • Overboom Cover Poly-Cotton $371.00
  • Under Cover $254.00
  • Rudder Bag $69.00
  • Mast Foot Protection Cover $55.00
  • Mast bag #160.00
  • Boat Movement Twin Cradle Launch Trolley $483.00
  • Combi Trailer Base $1300
  • Combi Trailer $1783.00
  • Trolley/Dolly $509.00
  • Standard Jockey Wheel $96.00
  • Deluxe Jockey Wheel with Handle $110.00
  • Trailer Winch Kit $110.00
  • Lighting Board with mast Support $150.00
  • Middle Tie Down Beam - Complete $105.57
  • Front Shoot Tie Down - Complete $79.17
  • Metal Bailers up-grade $69.00

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