updated: 11 June 2017

Race your Wayfarer!

Race your Wayfarer:
Owning a Wayfarer gives you a great variety of racing opportunities - from the club level through to a Wayfarer World championship which is held every three years. The last one was sailed in 2016 in  the Netherlands on the Heeger Meer, the Dutch sailing paradise.

our five majors in 2017:
June 17-18: W. Easterns, Kerr Lake, NC

July 8-9: Canadian Nat'ls, North Bay, ON
July 22-23:  North Americans, TS&CC, ON
Aug. 12-13: W Ontarios, Cobourg, ON
Sept. 9-10: U.S. Nationals, Tawas Bay, MI

other regattas:
Our annual Calendar includes a variety of other most enjoyable regattas in eastern North America, from the Midwinters in Florida to the North Bay Regatta in northern Ontario. Check out the possibilities on our W Calendar. Even beginners are more than welcome to join in any of our racing events which are indeed the safest way to learn, patrolled as they are, by safety boats who offer assistance in case of need.
2018 Midwinters confirmed for Lake Eustis SC once again

Even in the excitement of racing, Wayfarers are a friendly, live-and-let-live group.


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