updated: 22 February 2018 at 1306 hrs

Hartley Mk IVs for Sale
brand new Hartley Wayfarer Cruiser for sale in Detroit
Wayfarer Cruiser NEW $13,700 USD    17 Jan 2018
Comes With: Genoa furler. Centre main w/ratchet. Padded toe straps. Double waterline. Aft bench seats. Top flat cover. Twin cradle launch trolley.
Contact Nick Seraphinoff   nseraphinoff@comcast.net
brand new Hartley Wayfarer Racer
Wayfarer Racer NEW $16,950 USD    17 Jan 2018
Dark blue with no racing stripe. Fully equipped with all the bells and whistles.
Contact Nick Seraphinoff   nseraphinoff@comcast.net

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